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Moorland Folk
Greatest Hits

Volume 74

1. Blue Nose (trad.) 3.01
2. Coal Hole Cavalry (Edwards) 3.22
3. Gypsy Rover (trad.) 2.44
4. King Cotton (Harding) 
     /Brown Photographs (Meeks/Radcliffe) 3.44
5. Show us your medals Dad 3.16
6. Lowlands Low (trad.) 2.16
7. Take Your Time (Wayfarers) 3.44
8. Pictures on a Wall (Clarke) 2.56
9. Seth Davy (trad.) 3.50
10 Smuggler (trad.) 4.08
11 Lizzie Lindsay (trad.) 2.53
12 Sarah 1.47
13 Paddy Lay Back  (trad.) 3.36
14 Lord Franklyn (trad.) 2.14
15 Trouble At t’Mill (Clarke) 2.41
16 All Along The Rossendale (Jones) 4.10
17 Bonny Brid (Meeks/Laycock) 2.33
18 Home Boys Home (trad.) 3.19 

Dave, John and Des.
Home recording from 1980 digitally re-mastered in 2000


Moorland Folk in the early 80's
Lt to Rt. Dave Higginson, John Clarke, Des Powell
(at a gig with Mike and John Hargeaves)

The original line up of Moorland Folk, John Clarke, Dave Higginson and Des Powell first got together in 1975 inspired by the music and humour of The Fivepenny Piece. They rapidly acquired a following in East Lancs and had regular gigs at local folk clubs, pubs and concert venues throughout the 70’s and 80’s.
In 1980, just for fun, the band did a series of home-made recordings in Dave’s front room on fairly basic equipment. These tapes were tucked away and forgotten until the advent of the home PC and the CD writer, when it became possible to transform the tape recordings into digital format. The recordings are not high quality but are very listenable and likeable. John left the band in 1991 and Dylan Owen, a young rising star from Ossie stepped in to fill the gap. During the 90’s Moorland Folk began to travel further afield, playing Folk Festivals, and making “proper” albums.("Counting the Bars" and "Mud on the Tracks").
 40 years on the band are still keen to get out and play every week, and are available for booking now.

Moorland Folk in 1980  were
John Clarke (vocals, 12 String guitar, mandolin)
Dave Higginson (vocals, guitar, banjo, mouth organ)
Des Powell (vocals, bass, lunch box)

CDs £6.00 inc.UK postage

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Moorland Folk Albums  6.00 each inc P&P
"Mud on the Tracks"
"Counting the Bars"
"Greatest Hits Vol. 74"
Dylan Owen Albums 7.00 each inc P&P
"Load o' Mischief"
"Showdown on Shed Street"
"The Bard of Oswaldtwistle"
"Battle of the Biscuits"
"Strings On Fire"

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    c/o Daisy Street Veterinary Centre
    Daisy St. Blackburn, BB1 5EW

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For all enquiries - CDs, information pack, or for
booking the band - phone David Higginson on 01253 728819. 

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