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"Mud on the Tracks"

DOWNLOAD "Mud on the Tracks" demo -
- 9 extracts on one mp3 (1MB)

FREE (by post) "Mud on the Tracks" Demo CD for Club and Event Organisers
click <here> for details

Click on the underlined songs to download a brief sound clip

1. Across The Great Divide
2. Stone Cracker John
3. Dirty Old Town
4. Shoals of Herring
5. Ballad of a Working Man
6. This Love Will Carry        Download the entire song free! (~3.5MB)
7. Sugar in the Hold
8. In Lancashire
9. You got me on the run
10. Rolling Home
11. Whinney Hill  <click here for more about the pit disaster>
12. Ye Jacobites               Download the entire song free! (~3.5MB)
13. Down to the Sea
14. Gay Fusilier     
15. Easy and Free
16. Share The Darkness

Dave, Des & Dylan
Recorded at Shamrock Studios

CDs £6.00 inc.UK postage

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1. Choose your album(s) and how many of each

Moorland Folk Albums 6.00 each inc P&P
"Mud on the Tracks"
"Counting the Bars"
"Greatest Hits Vol. 74"
Dylan Owen Albums  7.00 each inc P&P
"Load o' Mischief"
"Showdown on Shed Street"
"The Bard of Oswaldtwistle"
"Battle of the Biscuits"
"Strings On Fire"

2. Make your cheque payable to "D.Higginson"

3. Send to:
    Moorland Folk,
    c/o Daisy Street Veterinary Centre
    Daisy St. Blackburn, BB1 5EW

Remember to include your name, address and postcode clearly
also your phone number and email address if possible.

Thanks for your order.

For all enquiries - CDs, information pack, or for
booking the band - phone David Higginson on 01253 728819. 

"Counting the Bars" and "Mud on the Tracks" were recorded at :

Shamrock Logo
The Garth, Commons Lane, Balderstone,
Blackburn, Tel.01254 812131  
Producer & Engineer Seamus Heffernan
Email:     s.heffernan@btinternet.com

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Extracts from 9 songs blended to produce a quick 5 min. taster of  "Mud on the Tracks". Includes Easy & Free, Rolling Home, Across the Great Divide, In Lancashire, Stone Cracker John, Sugar in the Hold, Down to the Sea, Ballad of The Working Man and This Love Will Carry.   (1MB) - <start download now>

FREE demo CD available for event organisers (by post)
Includes extracts from all the tracks on the mp3 download above but at CD quality.
email us on   moorlandfolk@btinternet.com
giving your club or event details, your name and position in the club,
full address and phone number, We'll post it on to you - no charge.



Creating the album cover - Artwork by Mike Waters, Blackburn

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Whinney Hill
Moorfield Pit Disaster - November 1883

Accrington Observer report


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