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"Counting the Bars" - TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!
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1. Steamboat Row (Rafferty) 2.53 

2. Old Pendle (OsbourneLambert) 4.08
3. Run for Home (Hull) 3.10
4. Fields of Athenry (St.John) 3.40
5. Leaving of Liverpool (trad.) 3.04
6. Fiddler's Green (Connolly) 4.16
7. Ride On (McCarthy) 3.49       Download the entire song free! (~3.5MB)
8. Donegal Danny (Martin-Coulter) 5.22
9. Peggy Gordon (trad.) 3.45      Download the entire song free! (~3.5MB)
10. Paddy on the Railway (trad.) 3.30
11. All along the Rossendale (Jones) 4.20
12. This Land is Your Land (trad./Guthrie) 3.17
13. The Green Fields of France / Owen's Air (Bogle/Owen) 5.35

Dave, Des & Dylan
Recorded at Shamrock Studios


“Counting the Bars opens with the Furey’s "Steamboat Row" a good pacey opener with Des Powell’s bass pushing the songs along. Brian Osborne’s “Old Pendle” is sung from the heart as you would expect from a group based at the bottom of Pendle Hill. The album continues at a consistently high standard with Dave Higginson’s fine voice fronting all the songs and some excellent guitar and banjo work from Dylan Owen - particularly on "Ride On".
Moorland Folk have been singing and playing in the Blackburn area for years and still remain one of the best kept secrets since D-day”.   

CDs £6.00 inc.UK postage

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Moorland Folk Albums  6.00 each inc P&P
"Mud on the Tracks"
"Counting the Bars"
"Greatest Hits Vol. 74"
Dylan Owen Albums  7.00 each inc P&P
"Load o' Mischief"
"Showdown on Shed Street"
"The Bard of Oswaldtwistle"
"Battle of the Biscuits"
"Strings On Fire"

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    Moorland Folk,
    c/o Daisy Street Veterinary Centre
    Daisy St. Blackburn, BB1 5EW

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For all enquiries - CDs, information pack, or for
booking the band - phone David Higginson on 01253 728819. 

"Counting the Bars" and "Mud on the Tracks" were recorded at :

Shamrock Logo
The Garth, Commons Lane, Balderstone,
Blackburn, Tel.01254 812131  
Producer & Engineer Seamus Heffernan
Email:     s.heffernan@btinternet.com
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